JvCache 4.1

JvCache 4.1



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Date Added:10 October, 2013

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Author: Alachisoft

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JvCache is an extremely fast and scalable in-memory Data Grid that caches application data and reduces expensive database trips. JvCache also stores Java JSP Sessions in web farms.

Traditional JSP Servlet Session storage which is either InProc or Clustered either have slow performance or have scalability issues. InProc option does not replicate JSP Servlet Session and therefore causes session data loss in case a web server goes down. Session clustering replicates the Session but is slow. And, both options have serious scalability issues.
A much better option is to use an in-memory distributed cache like JvCache for persistence your JSP Servlet Session. JvCache provides intelligent replication of JSP Servlet Session and linear scalability at the same time.

JvCache provides the following features:

1. Extreme transaction processing
2. Java & .NET runtime data sharing
3. Dynamic Cache Clustering
4. JSP Servlet Session Persistence
5. Replicated, Partitioned, Client Cache topologies
6. Read-through, write-through, and write-behind operations
7. Cache dependencies, SqlDependencies, and more

JvCache also provides a distributed JSP Servlet Session persistence for web farms.

System Requirements: PC with 1 GB RAM, 32 MB Hard disk Space

Systems: Linux, Unix, WinServer

Versions History:

Date Released: Version: Change Info:
2013-04-05 4.1 Dynamic Clustering, Compact Serialization, Object Query, LINQ, Partitioned Replica, High Availability, JSP Servlet Sessions, Hibernate, Distributed Locking, Replicated Cache, In-memory Data Grid, JSP Session Persistence

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